Arcade Game Rental NYC | CT


Arcade rentals are the next big idea for your party, production, staging, or photo shoot in the New York/ NYC, and CT areas! We rent arcade games in New York / NYC, New Jersey, Boston, and Connecticut / CT areas.

We RENT our arcade games in New York City, NYC, CT, MA for events, prop rentals, photo shoots, scenery, and productions.


The types of games that we rent are: arcade games, vending machines, jukeboxes, cigarette machines, and other amusements. Our arcade games for rent range from 1970s-current day.


Arcade games for rent NYC!



Space Invaders

60 classic games in 1!


Target Terror Gold

Golden Tee

NFL Blitz

Great Ideas


They come few and far between. If you are looking for a great idea for a party, special event, or prop rental in CT or NYC areas, rent an entire arcade from Arcade Specialties! We will provide just the right arcade game set-up you need for your party or event!


What type of event are you looking to rent games for?


New York area photo shoots, productions, set design, events…you name it! We’ll have just the vintage arcade game rental or pinball machine rental for you to rent! View our current selection of NY video arcade game rental options on this page.



On the Hunt for Arcade Game Rentals?


still on the search for just the right video arcade game, pinball machine, or other coin-operated game or machine to rent for your next event, party, or photo shoot? Just contact Arcade Specialties.


We rent all sorts of coin-operated machines and games… In fact, we have way too many machines to list!


Vintage 80s arcades, classic pinball machines, retro soda machines, vintage vending machines, coke machines, gumball machines, jukeboxes, dart boards, shuffleboard machines, and more! Why should you rent arcade games from us?


We focus on Connecticut (CT) and New York (NY / NYC) areas, but are also able to accommodate customers anywhere from DC to Boston!

Didn’t see it here? 🙁 We’ll get it.


We can provide the type of rental you need for your party, event, prop rental, or trade show in the NYC and CT region.


But you have to contact us to find out!