Frequently Asked Arcade Questions

How do you determine the price of a vintage arcade game or pinball?

Much like any other vintage collectible, the prices of our classic games for sale do vary based on the physical condition of the machine and the intensity of the restoration. Also, the popularity, demand, and availability of a particular vintage arcade game or pinball machine title will determine its price. Most quotes are given for games that have undergone physical, mechanical, and electronic restoration.


How do I order my classic arcade game?

Please email us or call Steve at (203) 444-0674 and we will provide you with a purchase order to include pricing options and full description of the currently available game(s) you are interested in.

Our “Featured Classics” arcade games are typically built-to-order. This process helps us provide our customers the most suitable gaming cabinet design and specification at the most reasonable price. a deposit of 50% is necessary for us to begin preparing any machine, and the lead time is typically 2-3 weeks, which is specified on the purchase order, along with all pertinent details.


How do I pay for my classic arcade game?

We accept cash, personal check, money order, PayPal, and major credit cards. We can also accommodate a personal payment plan for some business customers. Just give us a call and we will facilitate payment.

What is the size of a typical vintage arcade game?

We can provide the exact measurements of any video arcade game for sale. For example, a PacMan arcade game measures 76” tall, 26’’ wide, and 34’’ deep. Classic video game cabinets manufactured in the 1980s were designed to fit through a standard doorway.

Will you deliver my arcade game? Set up?

We offer deliveries WORLD WIDE! Deliveries less than 100 miles of our CT location include delivery to your door. Just provide us with your zip code and we can provide a price for local delivery within one day. Pick-up in Bridgeport, CT is also an option for our local customers. Most classic arcade games and pinball machines can be laid on their back/base or side during transport and can fit in many large sized SUVs, vans, and pick-up trucks. Ask us for dimensions if necessary! We deliver to NYC / New York / Manhattan. Also freight service available NATION WIDE!

Long Distance deliveries greater than 100 miles are performed by North American Van Lines. Our relationship with North American’s special coin-op game division allows us to provide quick and easy shipping quotes for any classic arcade game we have for sale. In addition, we will put you in contact with the freight agent handling your delivery for progress update and tracking information details. Delivery charge to a ground floor within anywhere in the U.S. is typically $450 or less, depending on proximity to major city/ freight hub. WE WILL PAY FOR FREIGHT SERVICE FOR YOUR SECOND GAME!

North American Van Lines provides delivery to a ground floor standard. If you need the arcade machine brought up or down any stairs the cost is approximately $100 extra. Pinball machines shipped greater than 100 miles of our CT location do not include set-up, though we would be happy to help with the set-up process via phone or Skype!

Our classic arcade games for sale are designed to fit through a standard doorway and stairwell; however, it is recommended that you inquire about dimensions and weight prior to purchasing your video arcade or coin-operated machine!

What if the video game breaks down?

Because our games are put through a 10-step “bulletproofing” restoration, the risk of electronic failure is reduced extensively.

Purchase Warranty: We offer a 30-day guarantee on the proper functionality of any Multi-Game for our local customers in CT. We also offer extended 90-day and one-year warranty packages…and for a reasonable price! Repairs are to be completed within 2-4 weeks. No protection against the visual condition of the cabinet and its artwork due to vandalism or neglect is included; or if the machine is moved from its original location.
For our non-local customers, each machine shall be considered sold AS-IS; however we do offer a 30-day parts swap for our Multi-Game packages only. Just give us a call or email with description of the issue you are experiencing. Most problems arise due to a simple loose connection or adjustment that may need to be made, thus it is very likely that repair can be completed with over the phone. Parts swap warranty is available within this 30-day period assuming the customer mails the faulty part back to our location.

What type of restoration work do you do on your vintage game machines?

Each of our used arcade games for sale, regardless of price, undergoes inspection, adjustment, and testing prior to being sold. This includes the inspection of monitors, joysticks, buttons, wiring, and power supply. We offer electronic upgrades for many classic games, which will be specified upon inquiry. We are also able to customize each game based on our customer’s desired look. Some arcade enthusiasts look for cabinets that have an original look and specification, while other gamers prefer a brand new reproduction look. Let’s chat and determine the best vintage game restoration for you!

Can I select which arcade games are on my Multi-Game cabinet?

The multi-game packages unfortunately cannot be combined. This is because some classic games are played on a monitor which is mounted vertically in a cabinet (such as Pac Man), and other games are displayed on a monitor that is mounted horizontally in the cabinet (such as Super Mario Bros). Combining games would result in a sideways display.

In addition, we currently are not able to add additional game titles to our Multicade packages because our boards are factory programmed. We stand by our authentic coin-op grade circuit boards! Be aware of machines that boast thousands of games on a single unit. Such units are PC-based and inferior in quality, reliability, and overall arcade experience.

Do the Multi-Game/ Multicade systems offer authentic game play? How are the colors? Sounds?

Our Multi-Game Packages offer authentic game play. The systems are manufactured based on the colors, sounds, characters, and game logic of the original circuit boards manufactured in the 80s. Authentic commercial arcade wiring harnesses, power supplies, speakers, joysticks, and coin mechanisms (if desired) are wired to the circuit board. This creates an overall “real” classic arcade gaming experience.

I’m looking for a certain game, but it’s not on your website. Can you get it?

We can locate just about any game title that you’re interested in. We focus primarily on vintage classics from the 80s, but also offer popular arcade hits like NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, and Golden Tee. Please Ask- chances are we may have the right classic arcade game for sale!

Do you buy used arcade games/ pinball machines? Take trades?

Yes- we are constantly looking to buy unwanted or broken arcade games, pinball machines, and other coin-operated games. Please email us with some information on the arcade game for sale, brief description of its condition, location, desired price, and image if possible. Also we can accommodate trades!

Do you repair arcade games?

In addition to classic arcade games for sale, we provide arcade game repair to residents and businesses local to our CT location. Here’s the rundown:

CT: Fairfield, Westport, Darien, Stamford, New Canaan, Norwalk, Wilton, Redding, New Canaan, Ridgefield, Greenwich, Trumbull, and New Haven County, CT.
NY: Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and the following NY counties: Westchester, Putnam, Duchess, Rockland, Bergen.

Service calls range from $225-$400 depending on location, which includes one hour of work. In many cases one hour may be adequate to repair or adjust a unit to restore it to its proper working order. If the unit needs further repair or parts, we will provide a quote to complete the work. Bring your game to our location in Bridgeport, CT and the one-hour service call is just $85! And of course we offer troubleshooting and support via phone or email for free! Typical repairs include:

  • Arcade game monitor repair
  • Arcade game circuitry repair
  • Arcade game wiring and power repair
  • Pinball machine circuitry repair
  • Pinball machine mechanical repair
  • Pinball machine playfield restoration

Also, we also repair jukeboxes, shuffle bowling machines, dart machines, pool tables, foosball tables, Chexx Hockey games, and other coin-operated amusements.

Just contact us and we will be happy to provide information and recommend the best classic arcade games for your home game room or business!


Can the arcade/ pinball game be plugged into a standard electrical outlet?

Yes, multiple arcade machines can be plugged into a single standard 15 or 20 amp circuit. If you are designing a room with multiple games, just let us know and we can plan out the power requirements necessary prior to shipment.

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