Video Game Console Rentals | NYC & CT

Now you can rent modern or classic video game console systems along with TVs to play them on at your next party or event.  Currently servicing New York / NYC, New Jersey, Boston, and Connecticut / CT areas.

We’ll bring the fun video games to you, along with our 43” LED TV kiosks OR Vintage CRT TV’s. Rent video game consoles like the new Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Wii, and video game consoles. Enjoy modern gaming on our large flat panel monitors (6 available), or classic video gaming with a vintage CRT tube TV- just like you remember playing on! 

Choose from modern 43” LCD TV + Stand OR Classic CRT TV options:

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Our Selection of Video Game Console Rentals:

rent nintendo switch rentals nyc

Nintendo Switch

Multiple Game Titles Available

rent nintendo game wii video game nyc

Nintendo Wii

Multiple Game Titles Available

rent nintendo 64 nyc

Nintendo 64

Multiple Game Titles Available

playstation video game rental

Playstation Classic

Plays dozens of Playstation Hits!

Super Nintendo for rent

Super Nintendo Classic

Plays dozens of Super Nintendo Hits!

NESconsole nintendo rental

Nintendo (NES)

Plays dozens of Nintendo Hits!

classic video game rentals new york ct

Atari Flashback

Plays dozens of 80s Atari Hits!

classic video game rentals new york ct

Sega Genesis Mini

Plays dozens of 90’s Sega Hits!

There’s more!

We rent other great classic games like video arcade games, pinball machines, foosball, darts, and ping pong, too!


We can provide the type of video game console rental you need for your party, event, or trade show in the NYC and CT region.


Contact us to rent video game consoles in New York, NY region