Vintage TV & TV Wall Prop Rentals

A nostalgic way to pay tribute to your brand, product, video, or art! Vintage TV wall prop rentals are available in the New York NY area as well as throughout the East Coast. We provide vintage TV wall rentals to New York, CT, New England, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, and Chicago areas. We provide the vintage television prop rentals, design a vintage display that meets your size and design requirements, and setup on site. All you have to do is send us the video file for the TV wall.


Below pictured are some recent TV wall projects. Have an innovative idea? We have a complete woodworking and metal fabrication shop on-site to bring your vision to life!

90s TV prop rental stack

1990s Silver TV Stack

1980s Tv stack prop rental

Retro 70’s-80’s TV Stack

colorful 90s prop TV rental

Colorful Triple-Stacks

old Television stack rental

70’s Vintage TV Stack

vintage TV wall window display

TV Wall Window Display in Chicago

vintage Television prop rental

TV stack for Red Wings Shoes’ Anniversary

old TV stack prop rental

Vintage TV Wall for Swatch Watches

vintage CRT TV wall

Vintage TV Stack for Hulu

tv stack prop rental

Vintage TV wacky collage

madonna vintage TV wall prop rental

Vintage TV Wall for Madonna

crt wall vintage tv stack

CRT TV Tower

CRT TV stack prop

TV Wall for Photo Booth

vintage TV tower prop

Multi-Sided Vintage TV Tower for Sony

vintage 80s TV wall prop rental

Vintage TV Wall for Michael Jackson Event

TV stack prop rentals

Vintage TV Wall for Photo Booth


Vintage TV Stack for NY Museum

Create Memorable Moments with vintage prop rentals and games! We will provide your event production with coin-op props like vending machines, soda machines, Vintage TV wall prop rentals, arcade games, ATMs, Pay Phones, Snack Machines, pinballs, and so much more! Looking for props and games in New York City, NYC, CT, MA for events, photo shoots, and film productions?

Contact us for coin-operated vending, soda machines, and other vintage props for movies, productions, and TV shows in the New York region.

The types of games, props, and machines that we rent are:

Soda machines, vending, arcade games, jukeboxes, cigarette machines, gumball machines, skill toy cranes, love tester, slot machines, and other vintage coin-op machines, games, and amusements! and other amusements. Our arcade games for rent range from 1970s-current day.


Areas Served: New York City (NY): Mahattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Long Island, Westchester County; Connecticut (CT): Fairfield County, New Haven County, Hartford County, and the rest of CT.


Also, New Jersey (NJ), Rhode Island (RI)/ Providence, Massachusetts (MA)/ Boston.