We Create Nostalgia.

arcade game rentals serving New York City, NY and CT regions.

We Create Nostalgia.

arcade game rentals serving New York City, NY and CT regions.

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Looking for a phenomenal idea for your next New York City, NY area event, party, photo shoot, or film production? Your search ends here! We rent arcade games in New York City /NYC, AND Connecticut/ CT areas. In addition to video arcade games, we also rent other amusements including pinball, foosball, ping pong, jukeboxes, and prop rentals. Contact us if you have a specific arcade game rental need to fill in the New York City, NY area.


We rent games in the New York, NY Region, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Long Island, NY, Fairfield County CT areas. Contact us for NYC arcade rentals, pinball rentals, prop rentals, and so much more! 

Let’s create an awesome event! Browse arcade game rentals below…

Arcade Rental Areas Served: New York City (NYC): Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester County, NY


Game Rentals in Connecticut (CT): Fairfield County, New Haven County, Litchfield County, Hartford County, CT

Browse our arcade game rental selection below to see how we can help.


Video Arcade Game Rentals NYC & CT


Play. Compete. Reminisce. Our classic arcade game rentals, pinball machine rentals, jukeboxes, foosball rentals, ping pong rentals, and other vintage arcade game rentals are sure to bring some amazing fun, competition, and nostalgia to your New York City / NYC area events! We rent arcade games like original Pac-ManGalagafoosball tables, shuffle boards, jukeboxes, pinball machines, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, prop rentals, and more throughout New York / Brooklyn / Manhattan, and also Fairfield County, CT.

Pinball Machine Rentals NYC & CT


There is really nothing quite like the experience you get playing a classic pinball machine rental from Arcade Specialties. The beeps… the knocks.. the flashing lights… and of course, the feeling you get when you destroy your best bud playing a game of Twilight Zone 😉


We help bring that classic pinball feeling right to your New York, NY area event by offering pinball rentals! Pinball rental supply varies, so be sure to contact us for current pinball rental availability (New York/ NYC, CT area events).


We rent a variety of classic and new pinball machines for rent for New York area events.

Foosball Table Rental NYC | CT


Event planners… looking for a fun game for your next event in the New York NYC or CT areas? Rent a single foosball table (or multiple foosball tables to create a foosball tournament!) for your next NYC area party… Bring the competitive 2 or 4-player foosball fun to your New York area party by renting a real professionalgrade foosball table!

Looking for Foosball table rentals in NY or CT?

We rent only top quality Dynamo and Tornado foosball tables for your New York, NY area event. Want to rent foosball tables? Contact us for Foosball rental information, or browse details below.

Ping Pong Table Rental NYC & CT


New York, NY area event planners… Host your very own Ping Pong tournament by renting a selection of professional, regulation size ping pong table tennis  tables from us! Looking for a really cool, interactive idea for your next New York, NY area event? Get Ping Pong rentals from Arcade Specialties!

Renting Ping Pong tables is a fun and unique way to add some recreation and competition to your New York, NY area office party, event, trade show, or production. Considering Ping Pong rentals in NYC area? Come to Arcade Specialties for your Ping Pong rental needs!

Claw Machine Rental NYC & CT

Do you need to rent claw machines/ crane machines in the new york city area? We offer a variety of claw machines / crane machines just right for your New York, NY party, event, trade show, or production.


Why not load the claw machine rental with your own merchandise? Represent your brand or company by stocking our claw machine rentals with your own gear! We’ve got the claw machine rental just for you! We serve the New York, NY area with crane machine / claw machine rentals!

Shuffleboard Table Rentals | NYC & CT

Skill, patience, a steady arm, and just the right amount of spin on the puck….

…that’s what it takes to win a great game of shuffleboard! What does it take to throw a great party? A SHUFFLEBOARD RENTAL of course! Looking to rent a shuffleboard table in the New York, NY area? You have come to the right place!

Video Game Rental NYC & CT

Looking to rent some more modern gaming for your NYC area event? Rent video game consoles in NYC and CT. We rent video game consoles including Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 64, X Box, PS3, PS4, and other fun modern console games, along with 43” LED TV stations!

Looking to host a game tournament for your private event in the New York City, NYC area? Come to us for Nintendo video game rentals and other game console game rentals!

Electronic Dart Machine Rentals | NYC | CT

Rent electronic dart machines in NYC or CT for your next area party.

Rent a single electronic dartboard machine (or rent multiple electronic darts for a real dart tournament!) Our electronic dart board rentals serve the New York City, NY region including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Westchester County, NY, Fairfield County, CT and the rest of Connecticut, too!

Chexx Hockey Rental NYC | CT

Bring the ice right to your party with a fun Chexx Hockey / Bubble Hockey machine rental! This fun, foosball-like game rental would make a great addition to your party! Get competitive with digital scoring and interactive sounds, cheers, and geers! Grab your Chexx Hockey rental today! 

Photo Booth Rentals | NYC | CT

Renting Photo Booths is a fun, stylish, entertaining way for guests to interact with your brand and market for you on their social media accounts! Looking for Photo Booth Rentals for your next New York, NY or CT area trade show, event, party, or production? Learn about the types of Photo Booths we rent

Prop Rentals NYC 

Set Decorators in the New York, NY area: Planning a set and looking for some amazing prop rentals? We rent everything coin-op!

Some of the prop rentals we offer include vintage and modern: arcade games, vending/ snack machines, ATM machines, Pay Phones, Phonebooths,  gumball, slot machines (non working props), jukeboxes, shuffleboard, pool tables, air hockey, all types of vending machines including classic 1950s candy machines, coffee machines, snack vending machines. Browse NYC Prop Rentals! 

Create the best event ever. Contact us for arcade game rentals today.

Let’s work together to create the ultimate party!!

We create nostalgia for your New York NY area parties and events by renting video arcade games, foosball tables, ping pong, jukeboxes, pinball machines, and other fun party game rentals and prop rentalsOur classic arcade games for rent provide businesses, community centers, colleges, birthday parties, corporate offices, trade shows, and home game rooms with an authentic retro arcade gaming experience! Video arcade game rentals, pinball machine rentals, Foosball rentals, ping pong rentals, console game rentals… we rent some of the most fun games ever made, and we are dedicated to providing quality and authenticity in each gaming machine. We offer individual games for rent, as well as complete classic video arcade game room rentals for both residential and commercial customers in the New York, NY region.

Our arcade game rentals serve New York, NY, Connecticut /CT including: New York: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester, and beyond. Also, Connecticut (CT): Fairfield County, New Haven County, and beyond!

Rent Arcade Games for an authentic classic arcade gaming experience for your business, home, or NYC area event.

New York Party and event planners: Don’t plan a lame party. Contact us… we’ll blow you away with an authentic, nostalgic arcade gaming experience with our party game rentals! 


Don’t forget: all of our game rentals are also available as props for your photo shoot, production, TV show, or movie set. View our NYC prop rentals here.

  • So Many Great Gaming Ideas Await You!

    • Rent a complete retro video arcade… or just one game!
    • Rent foosball tables for an office foosball tournament
    • Rent Ping Pong Tables to create a tournament at your party or office
    • Rent Dart Machines and test your aim
    • Rent plush skill crane / claw machines and stock them with your company’s promotional  merchandise or gifts
    • Test your skill with classic pinball machine rentals

Our arcade rentals serve: New York, NY: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Fairfield County CT, Westchester County, NY, Long Island, NY, and beyond!

  • We also rent the following props in the New York, NY area:

    • Vintage soda machines
    • Vending machines
    • Snack machines
    • Cigarette machines
    • Candy Vending machines
    • Coffee vending machines
    • Fortune Teller machines
    • Soda Machines 
    • Coke Machines
    • Crane / Claw machines
    • Shuffleboard tables
    • Electronic Dart machines 
    • CD Jukeboxes
    • 45 Record Jukeboxes
    • Gumball Machines
    • Ping Pong tables
    • Arcade games
    • Pinball Machines
    • Foosball Tables
    • Console Video games 
    • Slot Machines (non functional props)
    • Coin Op Kiddy Rides
    • Vintage TVs
    • Neon Signs
    • Bar Memorabilia
    • Pay Phones
    • Pay Phone Booths
    • ATM Machines
    • Change machines
    • Coin Op amusements
    • Games! 

RENT classic games for your next New York, NY area eventSome of our arcade and pinball rentals are for: corporate events, parties, prop rentals, film production. Some of our popular arcade game rentals include: Pac-Man, Ms. PacMan, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Twilight Zone pinball, English Mark Darts, Tornado foosball, CD Jukeboxes, Asteroids, and Chexx Hockey.


Need arcade, pinball, and amusements rentals in the New York, NY (Manhattan) area? Just contact us at info@arcadespecialties.com and we will be happy to provide arcade game rental information on any particular arcade game available for rent for your next New York NY/ Manhattan area event.


When you buy or rent a refurbished arcade game from Arcade Specialties you'll instantly be transported back to the 1980s golden era of arcade gaming!



***Be sure to keep in touch with us! We often offer game specials on original and restored vintage arcade games via Facebook and Twitter. Also see our YouTube page for demos of some popular retro arcade games for rent and sale.


See our prop rental and game rental customers in the NY area:

NYC Arcade Game Rentals |Quick Reference Links

Arcade Game Rentals NY CT

We rent arcade games in New York, NY area. Pricing for NY video arcade game rentals varies and depends on the duration of the rental, amount of arcade games, and location of the game rental. Contact us for your arcade game rental quote today. 

Foosball Rentals NY CT

Tell me about foosball rentals for NYC area events!

Rent one table (or a bunch) for your NYC area event. Contact us for a  foosball rental quote. Our NYC foosball table rentals are of top quality and professional grade/ regulation size. Don’t stand for cheap imitation foosball rentals… Dynamo, Kettler, Tornado, and Garlando are the brands we stand by! 

Video Game Rentals NY CT

The types of games that we rent are: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Wii, Game Cube, Playstation, XBox, and more! Browser video game rentals below.

Please contact us to learn more about the array of console video games for rent, such as the NEW Nintendo Switch!

Electronic Dart Machine Rentals NY CT

Rent electronic dart machines in NYC or CT for your next area party.

Rent a single electronic dartboard machine (or rent multiple electronic darts for a real dart tournament!) Our electronic dart board rentals serve the New York City, NY region

Chexx Hockey Rentals NY | CT

Chexx Hockey game rentals are available for your next New York City / NYC area party or event. 

Prop Rentals | NYC

We rent vintage game and coin-op machine props in New York City, NYC,  for events, photo shoots, and productions. Looking for vintage prop rentals in New York? Contact us for coin-op props including: Soda machine prop rental, snack machine prop rental, vending machine prop rental, pinball prop rental, jukebox prop rental, other coin-op prop rentals.

Pinball Machine Rentals NY CT

We Rent Pinball Machines for New York City NY events! Authentic pinball machine rentals for your events in New York.

Our pinball rentals serve all of New York City, including Manhattan, Westchester County, Long Island NY, Fairfield County CT.

Ping Pong Table Rentals NY CT

That’s a Match! Have some fun with our NYC Ping Pong rentals!

We rent regulation size, quality ping pong tables for your New York, NY area events! Contact us for Ping Pong table rental inquiry! Why not host a tournament? Rent multiple ping pong tables to create a fun event.

Toy Crane Machines/ Claw Machine Rentals NY CT

Have some fun with our NYC claw machine rentals!

What a fun idea! Hosing a party , trade show, or promo event in the NYC or CT area? Claw machines, claw machines, and candy crane rentals are our specialty! Looking to rent a classic claw machine game as a prop for your next production or event?

Shuffleboard Table Rentals | NYC & CT

We rent 9′ shuffleboards in the NYC and CT regions for all kinds of events, trade shows, parties, photo shoots, and productions.

Looking for NYC shuffleboard rentals? Give us a shout to rent one! 

Photo Booth Rentals | NYC | CT

Looking for Photo Booth Rentals for your next New York, NY or CT area trade show, event, party, or production? Learn about the types of Photo Booths we rent