Galaga Video Arcade Game for Sale

A Blast from the Past…

A second chance at the HIGH SCORE! This classic original 1981 Galaga video arcade game cabinet is sure to provide that vintage arcade look and authentic arcade game play- just like you remember from your local arcade in the 80s! This vintage Galaga arcade game has been refurbished with new graphics, authentic arcade joystick, and refurbished electronics.
This Galaga arcade game for sale is a true gaming classic; a crowd pleaser for any home game room, office, restaurant, or bar!

Pew Pew Pew!

  • Electronic Specs:

    • New logic board
    • New arcade Wiring Harness
    • New arcade Power Supply
    • Refurbished CRT monitor
    • Ball Top Joystick
    • Coin Door set to Free-Play
    • New Marquee Light Fixture

  • Cabinet Specs:

    • Original Galaga cabinet
    • New Galaga cabinet graphics
    • Refurbished control panel
    • Refurbished coin door
    • New T-Molding edge trim
    • New coin door locks


Compete for the High Score Once Again