About Arcade Specialties

Our Mission:

Your fun is our business! Our classic arcade games, pinball machines for sale provide businesses, community centers, colleges, and home game rooms with an authentic arcade gaming experience. video arcade games, pinball machines, Chexx Hockey…we sell and rent some of the most fun games ever made, and we are dedicated to providing quality and authenticity in each gaming machine. We offer individual games for sale and rent, as well as complete game room design for both residential and commercial customers. We offer short or long term prop and party rental as well!

Our History:


“I founded Arcade Specialties as a result of a hobby gone mad. My first game was a 1982 Nintendo Popeye video arcade game. The game cabinet was literally splinters and wires 🙁 … and it didn’t even have a monitor! Through help of a handly manuals, schematic, and a soldering iron, the machine was fully restored and enjoyed by my college buddies during our down-time.

The feedback translated into sales almost instantly… it started with sales to friends, family, and nostalgic neighbors, then branched out to classifieds, an eBay store, and website.

I came to find out there were thousands of unused, unwanted machines sitting in storage as a result of arcades closing since the 1980s- it was sad, really.

These old machines are now purchased, restored to their former glory, and sold to residential and commercial customers worldwide.


We focus on classic games such as retro arcade games, pinball machines, foosball tables, and Chexx hockey. We also rent arcade games and amusements for corporate parties, residential parties, prop rentals, and photo shoots!

We bring out the kid in gaming fanatics (and sure enough, their families), CEOs, brain surgeons, and business owners. Each and every client we deal with is enthusiastic, friendly, and excited to rejuvenate their past love for games.

What sets us apart from other arcade providers is our attention to detail and quality, as well as our focus on customer education. We understand that arcade gaming is new to many of our customers and we take the time to educate. Let’s face it- it’s a little different than purchasing a new kitchen appliance!

Our offering really depends on how often we have the opportunity to hunt for used machines. That’s why it is important to contact us if you are looking for your favortie game, but you may not see it listed here. To help provide you with just the right machine, we work with other vendors in the Northeast, so we are able to locate and service just about any game title…
-Steve Hozan, Founder