Pac-Man Cocktail Table Video Arcade Rental

Sit! Enjoy!

Set your beer right on top of this original Pac Man arcade game! This arcade game for rent is an original PacMan cocktail table arcade game, just like you used to play in your local bar or arcade in the 80’s!

What a great idea to rent this classic arcade game for your next event or party in the New York, NY area!
Cocktail tables arcade games have two sets of controls so you get to face your competitor! Just select the two player button and the game will flip the image when its Player 2’s turn.

Arcade games for rent! Rent this classic PacMan video arcade game in the New York NYC area. New York areas served: Mahattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island NY, Bronx, Long Island NY, Westchester County NY; Connecticut (CT): Fairfield County, New Haven County, Hartford County, and the rest of CT, too!

Wop Wop Wop!

  • Cabinet Specs:

    • Set to Free-Play
    • Refurbished Cabinet
    • Illuminated control panels
    • 1-2 Player (alternating)
    • Requires standard 110v outlet
    • 2.5 amps power consumption
    • Includes 1x 10-foot extension cord
    • Dimensions (inches): Height: 32, Width: 21, Depth: 32
    • Approx. Weight: 160lbs
    • Must be installed on a flat surface. Must be installed indoors or under cover in climate controlled area of approx. 55-75 degrees

Need a place to rest your beer? We rent classic arcade games in the New York, NY area!