We Rent Foosball Tables for your New York, NY Event!

Rent Foosball tables in New York, NY (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Westchester County, NY; Long Island, NY, and

Fairfield County, CT)

Looking to add some fun to your next party or event?

Consider renting one or more Foosball tables from Arcade Specialties. Arcade Specialties rents foosball tables to clients in the New York region, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Fairfield County Connecticut, Long Island New York, and Westchester County New York.


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In the market to rent a Foosball Table? Message Us today and we will provide you with a quote for the rental, including shipping and set-up of the foosball tables.

Want to really get into it?? Why not consider renting multiple Foosball Tables and host a competitive Foosball tournament for your party or corporate event?

Our Foosball tables are quality commercial grade equipment.  This means that your guests will have a great time playing them as fast and as competitive as they would like 🙂 The brands of Foosball Tables that we went for your New York City events are Dynamo and Tornado…The finest quality in Foosball tables.

Contact us to rent your Foosball table in the New York City, NY area today!