Mortal Kombat II Video Arcade Game for Rent

Ready? … Fight!

A fast-paced, head-to-head fighting game.  The players have twelve characters to choose from — each one with his or her own special moves. Each character has a special fatality performed by the winner at the end of the match. This game can be played in multiplayer or story mode.

This is THE 90’s game you’ll want to rent for your next New York, NY party or event! Rent it now!

“Fatality! … Finish Him!”

  • Electronic Specs:

    • Coin Door set to Free-Play
    • Illuminated Marquee Light Fixture
    • Multiplayer or Story Mode Action
    • Original Mortal Kombat II Arcade Gameplay
    • Rent it for your next NYC event!

Ready to Rent an Original Mortal Kombat II Arcade Game for your NYC event?