NYC Arcade Rentals FAQ

NYC Arcade Rentals FAQ

Steve here from Arcade Specialties!

I am here to write a bit about some FAQs that we receive about NYC arcade rentals.


Ms-Pac-Man-Video-Arcade-Game-for-Sale-Vintage-ThumbHow much power do arcade games and pinball machine rentals require? 

Our video arcade game rentals require standard residential power of 110 volts. If you are hooking up more than 5 games to a circuit, or suspect you may be, please ask us and we can work with your technician to determine maximum power load per circuit for your NYC area arcade rental event.


Will you bring cords for the game rentals?

Yes, of course! We will provide power strips and extension cords during your NYC arcade party rental. If you would like black vs white cords, please specify when booking the arcade rental.


How big are the games for rent? 

Most arcade games for rent are designed to fit through a standard doorway/ elevator. Most of our arcade game rentals measure less than 25’’ wide and 33’’ deep. If we are utilizing a narrow hallway, narrow door, or passenger elevator during your arcade rental, please let us know in advance to ensure smooth delivery and installation of your arcade rental.


Can your game rentals fit in my elevator?

Yes, most likely our game rentals can fit through and inside a standard freight or passenger elevator, with the exception of our 9’ shuffleboard table. Most units measure less than 27’’ wide and 33’’ deep.


tornado-foosball-commercial-sale-buyWhat if I have stairs at my venue? Can I still rent games? 

Stairs can be tricky! A few steps inside is Ok, but going up a flight will require some special attention. Please contact us for your game rental delivery quote.


When will you deliver the games and set up for my NYC or CT event? 

Of course! When you rent arcade games from us for your next NYC or CT area event, you can be sure that we will take care of the set-up. We’ll deliver the games, set them up, and show you for your approval prior to start of your event. From arcade games to pinball machines, to foosball, ping pong, and claw machines, we’ll hook you up… literally!


When will you remove the games once the party is over?

Just about any time you’d like. Many NYC area parties and events run until 11, 12, or 1am. It is not uncommon for us to remove the arcade rentals from your location same day. In fact, it’s preferred by us! When you book your NYC arcade or pinball rental with us we will be sure to gain all of the delivery timing information you need to plan a smooth event.


Are the arcade game rentals set to free? Will my guest have to use a coin?

Our pinball, arcade, and coin-op rentals are set to free-play, or have a free-play button installed. This makes it easy (and free) for your guests to enjoy!


electronic-dart-board-machine-rental-nyc-ctCan I adjust the volume of the games? 

We typically adjust arcade game and pinball volume to medium low. We find most clients prefer this. Upon set-up we will confirm.

How many people can play each game at a time? 

Most of our arcade and pinball rentals can play 2-4 players. Most classic arcade game rentals, like Pac-Man are considered to be ‘alternating’ game play, which means that two people can play, but they take turns back and forth between lives. Other arcade game rentals, like The Simpsons, are ‘simultaneous’ game play which means that multiple players can get in on the action at the same time.

How should I determine how many games to rent? 

What is the size of the space? How many people are you expecting at the party? Contact us and we’ll advise a couple of options at various price points for your upcoming NY arcade rental.


How soon in advance do I need to plan for my NY game rental? 

We recommend 4 weeks. This way we can reserve the games you want at the time you want with plenty of time to prepare! Need them sooner? No sweat, just ask. It will not cost any more or less.


What if I need to change my game rental order?

We recommend minimum 3 weeks prior to the event to make any changes. Any changes to the event may incur a cancellation fee.

ping-pong-table-tennis-rentals-nycCan you suggest popular games for my event?

You can’t go wrong with Ms. Pac-Man and Ninja Turtles! People really love the competitiveness of a great foosball table, too!


Do you rent photo booths

Our partners can provide a great photo booth for your next event, complete with props, custom backdrops, and social media integration for your New York area company or event.


Can I fill the crane machines with my own merchandise? 

Yes, we have several customer that like to fill their own merchandise into our claw machine rentals. **Please note that we recommend plush, light items for our claw machine rentals. Measuring less than 5’’ in diameter also helps. We also rent larger claw machines that can accommodate larger, heavier items. Just ask us. For best results, mail us a sample item, and we can test it in our claw machine rental.


Can I brand the game machines with decals for company parties or trade shows? 

Apply your own decals to our foosball table rentals, ping pong table rentals, and claw machine rentals! Need graphics made? We can help.


x-men-pinball-1-www-arcadespecialties-comWill you have an attendant on site to help guests with the games?

Typically, our games are self-serve. Once they are set up, they are intuitive to use by your guests. Because of this, we do not have an attendant on site. Need one? Ask us in advanced of your game rental.


Well, I am sure there are so many more questions to address, so I’ll continue to edit this document as time passes. Interested in New York arcade rentals? We rent all kinds of arcade games for your New York City, NY area event, trade show, production, or party. Come to Arcade Specialties for video arcade rentals, pinball machine rentals, foosball rentals, ping pong rentals, Shuffleboard rentals, claw/ crane machine rentals, video game rentals, prop rentals, Chexx Hockey rentals, Electronic dart machine rentals.

We provide arcade game party rentals to the New York, NY and CT areas. Looking for a good time? Give us a shout! 

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