Office Olympics

Gather the entire team together to aim toward a common goal & form and develop bonds for a more productive workplace.

How it Works:

As the heroic Olympians gather for The Battle of the Office Mini Olympics, the teams are announced, officials take their stations and the tension mounts as your athletes prepare to slug it out for office supremacy! Rules of the day will be explained and each team will also receive written instructions and a schedule of events and begins to develop a team strategy for success. Teams will then engage in head to head competitions and work though a series of unique physical and mental challenges that require exceptional teamwork and cooperation.

These challenges are carefully designed for participants with a wide range of physical abilities to be able to complete and be successful. It is not always the most physically able team that comes out on top! In the spirit of friendly competition prizes can be awarded for the highest performing teams as well as for teams that display exceptional enthusiasm, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

The Activities:



A challenge in which teams will challenge themselves to see how fast they can run to an area that contains numbers 1-25 and touch them in order (following specific guidelines). The overall goal is to continuously improve over 4-5 rounds.


Stepping Stones

Teams are given spots as resources to use to travel over a set area without touching the ground. They are only allowed to use the spots as a surface area they may touch. If anyone looses contact with a stepping stone they will loose that specific stone as a resource.



Your challenge is to discover the correct path through a giant tarp maze. Team members can send one member of the team at a time onto the tarp, and through trial and error, try and choose which squares are correct. All team members will work in a rotation to discover the solution. The added challenge to this event is that once it begins, the entire group must communicate silently (without taking pictures or writing anything down).


Bull Ring

Bull Ring is a race where teams will be blindfolded (with one sighted director). Their challenge will be to successfully move a ball off of one post and put it down successfully on another one using the bull ring apparatus. There may be a obstacle course that the team will need to navigate through as well. If the ball is dropped, the team must begin again.


Road Block

Participants are challenged to lead each other blindfolded through an area that is tapped off and loaded with obstacles they must avoid. Participants can choose to partner up and lead their blindfolded teammate through the course to make sure they do not step on any noise makers. If they do they must remove the blindfold and start again. The team also must pick up some coins along the way that will spell out a secret word.



Using only the pipe pieces provided your teams goal is to transport the golf ball across a specific course and successfully deposit it into a can. The ball may never stop, drop, or be touched during transport. Any team member with the ball in their pipe piece is also not allowed to move their feet. The team goal is to see how many points can be scored in a given time frame.


Turn Over A New Leaf

Teams are given a small tarp and are challenged to two rounds of flipping it over. The first one loves having everyone grab a spot with both hands that will remain fixed on the spot and then successfully flipping the tarp over without ever letting go. The second round involves everyone standing on the tarp and trying to flip it over without ever touching the ground. If they do,, the team will need to start over.

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Team Trolleys

A great race that requires you team to hop aboard our set of foot trolleys and move them as a team across the track to the finish line! The team must always stay on the trolleys or start over! First team to complete the race wins!


Glass Tower

Your challenge is to build a freestanding tower of glasses as high as possible in the time allowed. Participants must go one at a time and build the tallest structure. Points are awarded for each tier and only 75 glasses are provided. A tier is equivalent to the height of one full-length glass.

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Tumble Tower

If you have ever played Jenga, then you know what this is! Be the last team standing by carefully removing a piece of the tower and stacking it higher before it collapses!



A classic party favorite! Teams will square off in a high stakes artistic frenzy using your own company specific related items and identity will duel on the blackboard! Each team will take turns and is given 2 minutes to guess what is being drawn and the team with the most correct guesses. The opposing team will also get the chance to steal some extra points with one guess if the other team cannot guess the correct answer during their round.


Helium Hoop/Mirror Image

Helium hoop is a challenge by where the team must lower a hula hoop from a standing position down to the floor that rests on their extended fingers. The team may not grab onto the hoop to secure it, and each team member must always be in contact with the hop at all times. If the group breaks contact they must start again. The second phase is Mirror Image. All participants must invert themselves through the hoop. The team will stand connected holding hands and then the last two members of the team will be holding a side of the hoop. The challenge is to then send everyone through the hoop (including the two members holding it) without ever touching the hoop or breaking contact. If they exceed the set amount of touches or break contact, the group must begin again.

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Chippo Golf

pop shot basketball team building

Pop-A-Shot Basketball

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