Star Wars Video Arcade Game for Sale

Use The Force…

A truly unique arcade gaming experience!


Star Wars video arcade game, by Atari, was manufactured in 1983 as a stand-up and cockpit version of this amazing video game. This vintage arcade machine is based on the original 1977 Star Wars film!


“A new age in space simulation”


is how this classic Atari arcade machine was marketed in 1983… and honestly, the experience is still unique, fun, and cutting-edge! The graphic “3D” simulation (thanks to the color vector monitor) plunges the player into the world of Luke Skywalker…complete with music and dialogue from the Star Wars film! Experience the thrill of this classic Star Wars video arcade machine for sale!

a 1982 Atari Classic

  • Electronic Specs:

    • Refurbished Logic Board
    • Inspected wiring harness
    • Inspected power supply
    • Refurbished 19” Vector monitor
    • Rebuilt controls
    • Coin Door set to Free-Play
    • New Marquee bulbs

  • Cabinet Specs:

    • Original Atari cabinet
    • Original Star Wars cabinet graphics
    • New cabinet locks


The Force Will Be With You… Always.