Root Beer Tapper Video Arcade Game for Sale

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Tap the Keg!

What a great “taste” of classic 1980’s arcade gaming: Root Beer Tapper! This classic arcade machine is not only ultra fun to play- this all-original arcade cabinet is fun to look at, too! As a Root Beer bartender, you must serve root-beers to each bar patron and collect all empty mugs. Collect tips for extra points! But be careful- don’t over serve; don’t drop a glass, or you’ll lose a life! The game plays the classic “Old Susana” tune, too!


DID YOU KNOW? Root Beer Tapper is a modified “kid-friendly” version of Budweiser “Tapper,” and featured slightly different Root-beer cabinet graphics. The game play is identical!


  • Electronic Specs:

    • Refurbished Logic Board
    • Inspected wiring harness
    • Inspected power supply
    • Refurbished 19” CRT monitor
    • Rebuilt joysticks
    • Coin Door set to Free or coin-op
    • New Marquee bulbs

  • Cabinet Specs:

    • Original Midway cabinet
    • Cabinet Graphics in good original condition
    • Original control panel graphics in good condition
    • Original bezel and marquee graphics in good condition
    • New cabinet locks

Root Beer Tapper Video Arcade Game Marquee
Tapper Arcade Control Panel
Rootbeer Tapper Video Game for Sale
RootBeer Tapper Video Machine for Sale Right
Root Beer Tapper Arcade Machine for Sale
Rootbeer Tapper Arcade Cabinet Left Side
Root Beer Tapper Arcade Authentic


What a great “taste” of classic 1980’s arcade gaming