Punch Out Video Arcade Game for Sale

From Nintendo of America

As close to the ring as you can get… without going through the ropes: Nintendo Punch Out!


A first-person perspective boxing game where you fight six boxers in the WVBA. The player must defeat all the opponents to become the champion. The commentator even shouts exclusive phrases like, “Body blow!”, “Stick and move!” and “Great fighting! You’re an up and coming boxer!”


This is an original 1983 Nintendo Punch Out cabinet game, just like you remember in the arcades! It’s been fitted with larger custom “Punch Out!” side art cabinet graphics, and refurbished electronic components.

“Body Blow!”

  • Electronic Specs:

    • Refurbished Logic Board
    • Inspected wiring harness
    • Inspected power supply
    • Refurbished Sanyo CRT monitors
    • Rebuilt joystick
    • Rebuilt Nintendo buttons
    • Coin Door set to Free or coin-op
    • New Marquee bulbs

  • Cabinet Specs:

    • Original Nintendo cabinet
    • New side art cabinet graphics
    • Original control panel graphics in good condition
    • Original bezel and marquee graphics in good condition
    • New cabinet locks


Looking to Buy an Original PUNCH OUT Arcade Game?