Ms. Pac-Man Cocktail Table Video Arcade Game for Sale

Introducing Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Sue…

You are Ms. Pac-Man. Gobble up dots to complete each game maze…. but watch out for those pesky ghosts, each of which has their own personality, speed, and strategy. Gobble up energizer dots to turn the tables! Now, attack the ghosts for points as they turn blue. But don’t get too greedy as the time ticks each ghost will turn back to their original color and will start chasing you down again. As the game levels advance, speed increases and mazes change. Ms. Pac-Man is the number one classic video arcade game hit!


Compete head-to-head with this vintage Ms. Pac-Man cocktail tabletop video arcade game.


Why buy this classic Ms. PacMan? Because it has been refinished in black with new cabinet components including a tempered glass top, new authentic video arcade cabinet graphics, and updated Ms. Pac-Man PCB. we offer only original, vintage Bally Midway arcade cabinets, which means that you get an authentic vintage arcade gaming experience!


Compete head-to-head for the high score with the dual joystick set-up of this classic Ms. Pac Man cocktail table arcade game.

…and Ms. Pac-Man, too!

  • Electronic Specs:

    • Inspected Ms. Pac Logic Board
    • Inspected Wiring Harness
    • New arcade Power Supply
    • Refurbished Monitor
    • Rebuilt Ms. Pacman Joysticks
    • New buttons
    • Coin Door set to Free-Play

  • Cabinet Specs:

    • Vintage Midway arcade cabinet, finished in black
    • New Licensed cabinet graphics
    • Refurbished control panels
    • Restored coin door
    • New glass top
    • New Coin door lock


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