Asteroids Cocktail Video Arcade Game for Sale

Sit N Shoot

This authentic original Atari Asteroids arcade game will bring you back to the early days of the arcade boom!Classic Asteroids arcade game-play! Control the space ship and survive by avoiding and destroying asteroids that fly randomly throughout the screen. Also watch out for UFOs that attack without notice!


Use the Hyperspace button to instantly transport to a random location on the Asteroids playfield. Looking to buy a vintage Atari arcade game? Contact us to order your vintage Asteroids arcade game today!

2-Player Action

  • Electronic Specs:

    • Inspected Logic Board
    • Inspected wiring harness
    • Inspected power supply
    • Refurbished 13” XY monitor
    • Rebuilt buttons
    • Coin Door set to Free-Play

  • Cabinet Specs:

    • Original Atari Asteroids cabinet
    • Cabinet Graphics in good original condition
    • *Top glass shows some normal scratches
    • New cabinet locks


1979 Asteroids Cocktail Table