Arcade Game Rentals NYC | An Update from Arcade Specialties March 2018

March 1, 2018 Update from Arcade Specialties, LLC:

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Hello from Steve at Arcade Specialties! March is here and now is a good time for us to provide an update on the NYC game rental offerings from us.

New NYC arcade game rentals available: Pop a Shot Basketball rentals, Jukebox rentals, and other fun video arcade game rental options. 


pop-shot-basketball-rental-nycPop a Shot Basketball game rentals:

Very fun!! We have had a big demand for Pop a Shot Basektball machines, and are now renting! Here is more information on Pop a Shot Basketball arcade game rentals: Click for NYC Pop a Shot Basketball Game Rentals  

Pop a Shot (2-player basketball machines) are a fun and interactive game now available for rent by Arcade Specialties. Looking for a competitive, fun game for your NYC party or event? Consider Pop a Shot rentals in addition to other fun games like arcade games, pinball machines, foosball, shuffleboard for your next NYC area event!


Click for Pop-a-Shot promo video


jukebox-rental-company-ny-2Jukebox rentals:

We now have some great jukebox rental options for you!! Our jukebox rentals include:


Classic Rockola Bubbler Jukebox (plays CDs). This jukebox rental offers a variety of music options from the 50s-00s! To gain more info on this jukebox rental click here: NYC Jukebox rentals: Rockola Bubbler

1990s Rowe Mini CD Jukebox (Steve’s favorite): This box rocks! It fits into smaller locations, but still offers great sound! Comes stocked with 90s-00s CD hits, plus some classic rock, too! To gain more info on this jukebox rental click here: NYC Jukebox rentals: Rowe Mini CD Jukebox Rental

1960s Classic Jukebox (With Aux input): Play whatever the heck you want! This jukebox rental has an auxiliary input and sounds amazing! The box lights up and would provide any party or event with an amazing look! To gain more info on this jukebox rental click here: NYC Jukebox rentals: 1960s Jukebox Rental with Aux Input

1950s Rockola Jukebox Rental: A beautiful piece of history! Browse the title strips, select your favorite song, watch the record flip onto the turntable, and rock out! This jukebox rental plays mostly music from the 50s-60s. To gain more info on this jukebox rental click here: NYC Jukebox rentals: 1950s Rockola Jukebox Rental


NYC Arcade Game Rentals:  What’s hot in 2018? The 1990s apparently! Two popular game rentals include The Simpsons 4-player arcade game rental, Ninja Turtles 4-player arcade game rental, Street Fighter 2 arcade game rental, and Mortal Kombat arcade game rental.  What other 90s arcade games do we have for rent: Cruisin’ World, Marvel Vs Capcom, Neo Geo, Raiden, NFL Blitz, and Arcade Legends.  


What else is hot for 2018? Interactive games! We find that games like Foosball and shuffleboard are popular because they are very interactive… We took it to the next level by now offering these two amazing machines: Guitar Heroes arcade game rental, Dance Dance Revolution/ Pump It Up Video arcade game rental 


We love feedback!!! Let us know if you are planning an event in the New York area and you are looking for a specific type of game perhaps not offered here… We would love to help! 


Also, I came across a few interesting articles about the resurgence of arcade and pinball popularity. Here are a few good ones: 

An amazing selection of vintage pinball machines can be played at this new location in the Los Angeles area. Click for the article

Nostalgic for the Atari-Era Arcade? Millennial Gamers Are Reinventing It: Though arcades all but disappeared years ago, crowds are gathering at special events to play artist-created games inspired by 1980s classics. Here’s how to get in on the action. Click for this Wall Street Journal article on arcade games and Millennials 


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