Roadblasters Video Arcade Game for Rent


A futuristic driving game in which you must shoot your opponents and collect fuel globes along the way. Experience excellent motion control and built-in triggers offered by the unique gaming controls!


This “Atari System 1” machine is interchangeable with other classic “Atari System 1” game titles such as Indiana Jones, Marble Madness, Road Runner, and Peter Pack Rat! Just swap the PCB, marquee, and the control panel to enjoy a different game at the will of your fingertips – great for locations with limited space!

System 1

  • Cabinet Specs:

    • Original Atari System 1 cabinet
    • Cabinet Graphics in good original condition, minor wear
    • Refurbished cabinet hardware
    • New T-molding trim
    • Original bezel and marquee graphics
    • New cabinet locks

  • Electronic Specs:

    • Inspected Logic Board
    • Inspected wiring harness
    • New switching power supply
    • Refurbished 19” CRT monitor
    • Adjusted controller
    • No Coin Door
    • New Marquee bulbs

Roadblasters by Atari