Qix Video Arcade Game Rental

Get your Qix

Pronounced “Kicks” this video arcade game is unlike any other you’ve played in both design and challenge. The object of the game is to box in Qix, the spinning helix, by filling in 60% of the screen with boxes of color.

Once the screen is colored in with at least 60%, the player advances to the next, more challenging game level.

NOW available for rent in the New York City area. Rent this Qix video arcade game as a part of an entire retro arcade rental in the NYC / New York area.

For Rent

  • Cabinet Specs:

    • Original Taito Qix arcade cabinet
    • Original cabinet graphics in good condition
    • New cabinet locks
    • Illuminated instruction card and cabinet marquee

Ready to get your Qix on? Now available for rent in the New York area.